Elveby Lodge Official Poem

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We aim to keep our heritage

By custom, speech, and lore;

We're active, and we socialize

At Elveby Lodge, 604.

We organized in '88

Three hundred Norskies strong;

We rent a building from the Swedes;

What's more, we get along.

Although we've done some bickering

And fought some civil wars,

We're good at laughing at ourselves

It's what we're noted for.

We have Torsk Dinners and Uff-Da Bags

To put money in the kitty;

But we need to do some public good

To be noticed in the city.

We've helped some kids with scholarships,

But got to do much more

To bring attention to our name-


By R.E. Whitmyre,

Elveby Poet Laureate

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